Genres: Adventure, Puzzle

Dive into a new adventure of music and colors helping the world famous virtual idol Hatsune Miku© at her presentation at the concert, collects all the music sheet of the song Finder © which are scattered throughout the levels where intuition and logic take an important role in the course of play.


- Great 3D Adventure
- Levels inspired in her colorful videos.
- Achievements System.
- Character Customization.
- Autosave system.
- Variety of puzzles.
- Paranormal forces to achieve certain objectives.
- Helps Miku in certain levels using your powers.
- Power-ups objects.

Requirements Android 4+ 1GB RAM Processor Dual or Higher

Do you have Google Cardboard? If you want to participate in the beta test of a game of Miku in VR write to the mail with the subject "I want to participate".


- To jump when Miku is stopped, you must press forward the joystick and half second after you must press jump button, but never stop pressing forward until Miku has reached the platform.

- In the maze you can beat it following the blue cubes up in each corner of the walls, like the image above it shows.

Hatsune Miku © Crypton Future Media 2007

This game is free, non-commercial purposes without ads, not required any purchase for improvements for the game.

Sell this game is prohibited.
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