English-Turkish Vocabulary Games

English-Turkish Vocabulary Games

English-Turkish Vocabulary Games

Turkish-English vocabulary learning in a space shooter game way :)
English translation will be provided in next updates.
For a quick tutorial in English:
1. In start menu click "Başla" which stands for "Start" in English language.
2. In next menu a grade selection menu will be opened. If you are beginner to Turkish language select 2nd grade whose meaning "2. Sınıf"
3. After that, a tutorial will be opened just click "Anladım" button if you do not understand instructions, if you understand also click it because "Anladım" means "I understand".
4. When game starts with arrow buttons, navigate the space ship left and right, in the middle there is a button with a Turkish word on it, it is the fire button.
5. Your aim is to shoot the enemy ship that has the right answer for the word on the fire button. If you shoot wrong ship your point will be decreased, and be careful about UFO and meteor objects. If you shoot a meteor or ufo you will be awarded and if you shoot a wrong answer after a while you will be punished.
6. By using back button you can pause game and if you want to finish the game click "Eli Bitir" in pause menu.
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