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It's time to dive into childhood and cherish that childhood game you never get tired of. A very tricky and challenging mind game with super awesome color balls consists almost 50 levels ,each having different hidden challenges in it. Play with alphabets and cross the hurdle of each level.

Blast the balls and beat the score.

Alphabet blast free game for kids and adult who like challenges. Alphabet blast is one of our free, fun and challenging game for everyone who like challenge. Specially kids (children) like challenges and alphabets blast servers them that. alphabet blast consists almost 50 levels. Each levels of alphabet blast has different hidden challenges. Our kids learn how to face challenges and also get the knowledge of alphabets.

For us also drive into childhood and cherise that childhood games you never get tried of.

Enjoy alphabet free game! Explore your childhood now and start playing. Happy playing..!

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Alphabet blast


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