Wear Gallery -gallery for wear

Wear Gallery -gallery for wear

Wear Gallery -gallery for wear

The best way to view your pictures on your watch directly.
The new version has been fixed android7 crash problem, welcome to experience.
If satisfied please give a 5-starts praise,thank you(´∀`)♡.
WearGallery is a watch-app developed by a Chinese high school student. It supports both AndroidWear International version and Chinese Version, Ticwear and Duwear operating system.
You will find it easier to view and manage your pictures on watch thought this app.

- Loading in real time automatically
- HD version
- Download pic from your phone automatically to save the loading time
- Off-line mode to view pic without phone
- Zoom in/out with gesture
- Manage app’s cache freely

Something interesting
Your can try to load different kind of pictures for more interesting experience.
For instance, the app can display QR code and you can show is pic to others without you phone.
Believe me, it’s really awesome!

About me
The developer is a Chinese student, facing the National College Entrance Examination and almost using all his rest time to finish the coding.
I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback.
If you like this app, please star for 5.

This app has Bug-repoter inside which will upload bug information anonymously.
You can feedback by sending e-mails to me@chenhe.cc.
Your feedback is important for me. I will reply you one by one.
For more information, you can also follow me on Weibo @0晨鹤0
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