Scan TAGS, earn Energy points, win gifts and prizes, collect Stamps and complete Levels, or battle to defend or attack TAGs which can be placed in the real world using geo Locations, Bluetooth Beacons, QR Codes or NFC.

Current Features:

• Players can track down TAGs on the map, to get points, points bonuses, Stamps for Collections and Levels, and see special offers or info by the TAG owners.

• Anyone can place TAGs on the map (on web or mobile), in geoTAG, any QR code, Bluetooth Beacons or RFIDs, which costs points to place. geoTAGs cost 100 points to place, the other types cost 500 points to place. For a limited time, everyone gets 1000 Tag Energy Points (TEP) on first login.

• Tagwar - For geoTAGs only, anyone can attack or defend (using Energy Points) to take over another TAG placed by someone else (on web or mobile app). TAG Owners then have control of what information or advertising is shown to other Players when they scan and visit that TAG.
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