Louvre Guide Lite Edition

Louvre Guide Lite Edition

Louvre Guide Lite Edition

**** Please note this is the Lite edition of Louvre, which is a free download and some rooms and objects are free to explore. If you are planning a visit to the Museum, you may wish to purchase the Louvre Guide Full Edition, that can be done anytime by clicking the unlock button from the home screen of this app. ******

This is the largest collection of Louvre Museum with over 1000 artifacts! Brought to you in an App with fully interactive maps of the Museum and with clear and detailed descriptions in English. Featuring stunning images of the collection, It is brought to you by Vusiem, the #1 App Guides company and the authors of the #1 ranked Apps - British Museum and Musee d'Orsay guides on the App stores!

Covering the important and must-see artefacts within the collection, this app will help you make the most of your visit. The App features an easily navigable map that is fully interactive, an essential tool to navigate this vast museum without feeling lost.

Some key features of the App include :
- The largest collection and coverage of objects in any app and even more than the Louvre website.
- HD Images from various angles to help you see the object with the extra depth.
- Interactive layout maps, and for the first time, coverage of all the galleries of the Louvre, there are 340 rooms covered in the App!
- Insightful and fascinating object descriptions
- Curated Top 50, 100 and 250 tours that correspond to half-a-day, one-day and two-day tours of the Louvre respectively
- Information about the Louvre, its history and its collections

Enjoy your day at the Museum and continue your museum visit through the app even after you are back home from Paris. Bon Jour!
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