Handwriting practice for kids

Handwriting practice for kids

Handwriting practice for kids

The game teaches the rules to learn how to write correctly in italics.
This game is crucial for the preparation to writing tasks.
Learn the proper sense of tracing the letters is essential to improve the spelling, to speed up the writing, reading and therefore the study. And it becomes evident that the writing difficulties can cause children to develope learning problems and study problems as well.

Using particular exercises, the game teaches children to recognize and memorize the sound and shape of number and letters, working both visually and aurally!
The method used for learning letters and numbers involves your child tracing the letters and numbers shown on the screen with their finger several times

These activities can be a pleasant way to spend time with your son.


- Simple interface with no complicated menus with a few commands to use. Even younger children will be able to play alone. - Voice in the mother language
- Lively music,
- Fun designs and vibrant colors
- recognition and memorization of the alphabet
- organization and management of the space on the sheet/tablet, for the alignment of letters, to learn and memorize details of language phonemes, for correct spelling.

The game can be used:
- as a game for children aged four-eight, either with an adult or on their own;
- as a teaching aid in preschool and early primary school age;
- as a rehabilitation tool for children with specific disorders in reading or writing or in case of learning difficulties.

This full educational game is free, for this reason contains ads.

Thank you.

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